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  Monitoring and Evaluation of the e-Sri Lanka Development Project

Jonathan Miller is a senior consultant and the international expert on the team appointed to develop and implement the M&E plan for this $53 mn 5-year World Bank project. The M&E project has progressed through the Formulation and Pilot Implementation Phases and is now in the Operational Phase with seventeen projects under M&E. The eSri Lanka M&E exercise is one of the most extensive and sophisticated assignments of its type yet undertaken within the donor community.
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  Evaluating the Syrian Five Year Plan

German Development Agency GTZ contracted with the GOPA Worldwide Consultants to devise a monitoring and evaluation plan for the ongoing succession of national five year plans in Syria. Jonathan Miller fulfilled the Senior Consultant role in carrying out fieldwork, consulting with senior politicians and proposing follow-up actions. This project is in progress.
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  Monitoring and Evaluating WikiEducator

The International NGO, Commonwealth of Learning launched a flagship project, WikiEducator some time ago and requires a monitoring and evaluation process to shape the way forward. Jonathan was contracted by COL to design and implement the M&E Plan.
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